Thorsten Mehles
Board Member


Pluteos AG
Zentralstrasse 44
CH-6003 Lucerne

VCF Card


Of particular importance is his comprehensive experience in heading sensitive international investigations and examining international corruption and fraud cases. In many European countries, he is a sought-after expert for talks and workshops on financial investigations, asset tracking and litigation intelligence. He holds qualifications in the fields of criminalistics, criminology and crime prevention.


Thorsten Mehles headed the Internal Investigations Squad, a special unit for preventing and tackling organised corruption in Germany. He also ran the Organised Crime Department at a German State Criminal Police Bureau and also worked in that field at the Federal Intelligence Service. His expertise lies in examining and solving complex international cases, international intelligence work and supporting attorneys, companies and private individuals in all types of international organised business crime cases. He is a regarded international expert in the fields of organised crime, business crime and corruption.

His international work in the past included the successful conducting of sensitive international research, asset analyses, tracking assets and implementing internationally recognised anti-corruption concepts. Thorsten Mehles works intensively worldwide with other international experts and partners in order to effectively support clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North, Central and South America in legal matters by providing the latest background information with the help of the Pluteos Information Network.